Wowee! Maui!

We just got back from Hawaii (that’s right, HAWAII! I would insert palm tree and hibiscus emojis if I was writing this from my iPhone). I really should be sleeping, but I had to at least peek at some of these photos. I’ll share a handful tonight and more throughout the week as I get caught up.
 I love a good profile shot against the water.
A palm leaf fell right near me. I’m pretty sure that would have knocked me out.
When the girls are getting ready, the boys (and I) are waiting. 
This kid loves the sand. And crawling towards the ocean at an incredible rate. 
My mom is so tan, “tan” doesn’t even work.
Coaxing Brandon to look happy (and he was, until he saw the camera).
We went to a luau.
The male hula dancers were just alright. 
But the female hula dancers…well, let’s just say I wish I could make Steve this happy.
As kids do, they loved the pool. The pool also tired them out quickly.
This spot is pretty perfect. 
 The gang’s all here.
 And here.
 Joel in a nutshell.
 Mom looking great, dad wearing knee-high socks with shorts.
 The original Peleskys
Like I said, I love a good profile shot against the water. More to come.

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