Island kids

You can expect this week will be all about Hawaii. I have hundreds of pictures, and plenty of adventures to recount. It was honestly the best week of my life. I haven’t been on a real vacation except for my honeymoon, and I spent the week of my honeymoon lying in bed with a pretty terrible sunburn. So yeah, Hawaii was pretty awesome. Of course it helped that my  mom offered to watch the kids quite a bit so that us parents could hang out with our siblings and go on excursions together.

There are so many rainbows in Hawaii. I actually cropped a rainbow out of this picture.
 Uncle Chad is the cool uncle. Both of my boys love him.

Oh my god, this girl- she is so beautiful.
“Grandma, your tan is making me look pale.”
Here’s a picture where I didn’t crop out the rainbow.
Holden is trying to be big now – eating apples and such.
It is fun to watch waves crash against the seawall.
Holden loves an elevator ride.
“Saryn, you forgot your hat!”
More to come. So much more. Looking through and editing my photos allows me to relive the moments again.

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