so much left to do

Here were some of the things we did in Hawaii:
  • Glass-bottom boat for the kids (surprisingly, a bust)
  • Snorkeling (not me, but everyone else)
  • Mopeds (a highlight! The best)
  • Ziplining
  • A magic/comedy show
  • The main luau on the island
  • A lot of time at the pool, and some at the beach
  • Tourist shops 
  • Good eating at local restaurants
Here are some of the things I’d still like to do if I had another week in Hawaii:
  • Fly to Oahu and check out Honolulu and the Pearl Harbor memorial
  • More mopeding
  • Get a henna tattoo
  • Snorkel (since everyone else has)
  • Walk along the beach walk that I didn’t discover until the last day
  • Take Steve to the Hard Rock Cafe
  • Hike (somewhere with a waterfall)
So, is it time to go back yet? I’m ready. 

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