Do me a favor: go read the website address in your internet browser. Yes, on this page. See that? I’m a dot.com! I’m official! This is a very exciting day for me. I have wanted my own website so that if I’m ever when I’m an author someone isn’t going to charge me an arm and a leg for my own name. I tried to configure it myself, but I’m kind of an idiot with that stuff. Luckily, I have worked with people much more brilliant than myself and one of these people configured all the back end stuff for me so you can go to my old blog site and you will magically be redirected here.

I own my own home on the internet; there is this humble little address in the vast expanse of the internet’s universe and it is mine. I have laid my stake and claimed my territory. It’s very exciting. So exciting. Can you feel it? It’s like I’m staking a flag in the moon. But to a much lesser degree, of course. Whatever, that metaphor actually works perfectly with my mood right now. Before all the stuff was configured and I just owned the URL but hadn’t had someone do the work for me, I took this screen shot:

Sure, it’s just a stock photo for pages that have been purchased but not created, but even still, I got excited at just this. Just my web address with a Hawaiian shirt in a graphic closet and the words that this web address will one day be something quite cool. I better live up to the hype. Better church it up a bit, make it fancy and interesting. I’ll get to work on that. Or better yet, get my friend who is much more brilliant to work on it. Something quite cool; yes, I like that quite a bit.

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