imperfectly perfect

Holden is walking like a total champion now. Still no shoes though. This kid’s feet are more like hooves than feet. They are circular, or maybe rectangular or square. They certainly aren’t feet shaped with that dainty indent on the inside of the feet. So fourteen months old and he has never kept a pair of shoes on for more than a minute. We should have named him Huck instead. He cries if I close the backdoor without taking him out there. He is a freak about nature.

You know that Faith Hill song that goes, “I love the way you love me”? Well I love the way these boys love each other. Here they are sharing a smile while watching a home video of the two of them. They think they are the greatest. 


One more: I can’t help it. This should be an iPhone print ad. Apple can photoshop the stains out of their shirts. Yes Apple, I am giving you permission to this photo as long as you write us a handsome check. Enough to cover college for the two of them at Ivy League establishments of their choosing should do the trick.

 “Mom, let’s lay in the sunshine. Here, I’ll show you how.”

This one with his cowlick in the middle front of his hair, his giant forehead, his gap teeth, his long eyelashes. All of him! He’s so imperfectly perfect.

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