a mom’s "I feel lucky"

Today I took the kids for a drive to get Holden to sleep. He has always been good about falling asleep on his own, until recently. Recently he began crying and screaming once I leave the room, so I trick him into sleeping sometimes by driving him around.

I was only three miles from home when I turned around and saw this:


The stars aligned for me, the heavens opened and sun shone upon me. Getting one to sleep is a victory, but two? That’s a jackpot. I turned the car around and headed home, planning what to do with my unexpected free time. I thought of that song by Mary Chapin Carpenter: “I Feel Lucky” (if you don’t know it, you must not listen to country music and I understand). Today is my day! I would buy a few scratch tickets if you could do so through a drive-thru. I’m not waking up these kids for anything, even lottery riches.

Then on the drive home, I started re-writing that song in my head, but this time to my own situation:

Well, I woke up this morning, startled by baby cries,
I changed his sopping diaper, then I dried his wet eyes.
I popped some Eggo pancakes into the toaster oven
Today will be a long one, yet chock full of boy lovin’
We played so damn hard, I felt like I was dead
I kept on though, I really couldn’t jump back in bed
I feel lucky, I feel lucky, yeah
No tired body gonna stand in my way
Mmm, I feel lucky today
Well, I tried to clean the house, but I quickly gave that up
I watched the yogurt spill onto the couch right from its cup
I read a million books, turned out the lights for baby’s nap
He’s not happy in that crib because it isn’t mama’s lap
I loaded up the car seats with the kids and some snacks
I told the boys to just chill out; take a pill; relax. 
But I feel lucky, oh, oh, oh, I feel lucky, yeah
No colicky depression gonna steal my sun away
Mmm, I feel lucky today

Now a couple miles later, I was driving in my car
I turned around and saw my latest wish upon a star
The baby’s fast asleep, mouth gaping on my right
The toddler’s on the left, he’s also sleeping tight

The moral of this story, it’s simple but it’s true
Hey the kids might cry, but me – I don’t need to.

I feel lucky, oh, oh, oh, I feel lucky, yeah
Hey Bran, hey Holds, boys, you don’t have to fight
Hot dog, I’m feeling lucky tonight


I feel lucky, brr, I feel lucky, yeah
Think I’ll get coffee, I’m driving any way
Mmm, I feel lucky today

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