a 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4-year-old

My kids don’t socialize enough. I take them on many field trips, but even still, their main interactions are with each other in our home, where social etiquette does not reign supreme. The best way they learn to play well with others is when their friends come over to play.

They’re all pretty damn excited. Even Tucker is wagging his tail, forgetting for a moment that little boys like to pull his tail and throw things at his face.

 Brandon is no athlete, but his friend Asher gets him to play ball.

 Ezekiel is like a celebrity over here. Brandon talks about Baby Ezekiel every time he talks about babies, and now Holden too is getting in on the man crush. He kept trying to hug him.

 What did I say? Total celebrity. He’s got fans and the paparazzi.

Brandon is hanging onto Asher’s every word, wanting to know what life is like for a cultured 4-year-old.

Seeing my boys playing with other boys is like a glimpse into their lives once they’re in school. We walked by a school bus today and Brandon said, “one day I’ll be big enough to go to school.”
I told him yes, and in school he can learn to read and write and do arithmetic.
“And I can eat,” he added. “I’ll just open my lunchbox.”
 Kids. They grow up so fast, these days falling into each other like dominoes.

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