I’ve been away from this blog for awhile, but for a good reason. I have a job again. No, it’s not the kind of job you’re thinking. I’m not back in the HR world – firing people, stressing out and being yelled at (because HR is always being yelled at). I haven’t put the boys back in daycare (I just can’t – Holden would be punching kids, Brandon would be getting punched). Instead, I found a part-time job that works with my very inflexible schedule. Every day I get to reset and don’t take work home with me. I get to drink my favorite coffee drinks for free. Because I work at my favorite coffee shop.

It is great to be out of the house, talking to people over the age of three again. It’s nice to have something that is mine, because everything else is shared. And did I mention free coffee? There’s free coffee. Which I need, because I’m waking up at 4:30. I work early in the morning so I can be home in time for Steve to go to work.

I am always giving shout outs to moms who take good care of their kids because that is no joke. And I give shout outs to moms who work and take care of their kids, because that is hard work. And now, let me give the loudest shout out to moms who take care of their kids and work non-traditional hours because that is insane.

I am glad to be working, to be making even a little money to pay for my new car and to save up for next year’s tenth anniversary trip. I’m glad to be meeting people, having conversations, feeling useful. I’m glad for this reason to make sure I shower as often as I should.

It sounds like nothing – working 10-15 hours a week, but those 10-15 hours were taken directly out of my account. These are my sleep hours or my After The Kids are Asleep glory hours that I have lost in order to work. I would love to stay awake after the kids go to sleep and read and write, but I physically can’t. My eyes are closing while I read Brandon his stories. My speech is slowing, my body is shutting down around 9 each night.

Mad props, other moms who do crazy shit like this. I applaud you. And I ask, should we make a support group for each other so we don’t lose it completely? (I know we’re all halfway there already).  I’d organize something, but I don’t think we have any time to meet up. Maybe in a few years, after the kids are in school and we’ve pulled all our hair out and started talking to walls we can meet up for drinks. I’ll pick up the tab with my puny check. OK, I better start saving now. We’re going to need a few rounds.

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