It’s hard to believe it’s here: two years have passed since this little one was born. He has been a catalyst for so much in our lives. I started writing again after he was born. Steve returned to school. I stopped working, but started focusing on our family. I started working out, training for a marathon.  Holden came in, this fresh new life that breathed new energy into us, too. He is this bundle of energy and force, and I suppose some of it has rubbed off on us, teaching Steve and I we can do more than we do, we can become more, become better.

Holden has tried my patience, tested my wills. He has made me realize I am stronger than I thought I was. He has also brought me so much joy and laughter. Watching him dance unabashedly has made my day countless times. Steve and I have marveled over the words he learns, the sentences he strings together, how quickly he is able to catch on to physical activities usually reserved for much older kids.

Holden is a daredevil on the slide, he has a scream that belongs in an 80’s hair band. He squirms out of haircuts, he always requests bubble baths. He loves sweets as much as I do and started saying “ka-ka” to mean “chocolate” before he learned his brother’s name. He would point at the Target sign and say, “cookie!” when they still gave out samples. Instead of nodding or grabbing, he says, “please” in response to your question if he wants something. He loves being read to each night and says, “again, again!” once you finish a book he likes.

On more than one occasion, I have apologized to strangers because Holden just walked up and smacked them. You would think he is fearless, but he is not. He is afraid of bees (and calls all insects “bees”). If he sees one, he runs to me and says, “mama, scared!” then I cuddle him into my chest and he pops his thumb into his mouth. He will play by himself for hours. He doesn’t need anyone until he gets thirsty, then he will grab my hand and pull me to the fridge and ask for “juice please.” He tries to help wash the dishes, but will act like he doesn’t understand chore commands beyond that.

He always has a mischievous glint in his eye and I know his mind is churning a mile a minute. I can already imagine so many paths he might take in life, where they might lead him. But knowing him, he will surprise me and take a completely different one, one I hadn’t even considered and become even more than I ever imagined. He is already a force to be reckoned with, with only two years under his belt. I can’t imagine what he will accomplish with a few more. 

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