4th birthday

Today, Brandon is four. He is such a lovable, charismatic boy. He exudes joy and makes everyone around him happy. He feels strongly, every emotion being vibrant, none of them in muted tones. He is complimentary and says, “I love you” or “you’re my best mommy in the whole world,” without coaxing. He loves to “go fun places with me” and runs constant commentary with his many observations. He listens in to adults’ conversations and adds his two cents or corrects us when necessary. It’s easy to forget how much he knows because of his size and age, but he never misses a chance to remind us and astound us.

He is cautious and careful. Today when I asked him if he wanted more sausage he said, “I have plenty.” He will spend all day on the iPad if we don’t cut him off. He calls all the kids at the park “friends” (ie: “a lot of friends are here today!”) He loves hide-and-go seek, tag, and racing. He calls races “marathons” because he knows mommy is training for one. He always helps clean up the house before daddy gets home and then shows off his work to dad saying, “look, my bedroom is all nice and shiny!”

I realize how big he is when he asks to go in the boys’ bathroom all by himself instead of accompanying me into the ladies’. And then I realize how small still he is when he asks for his woobie at night and insists on someone falling asleep with him. He knows my emotions and offers to make me happy when I’m sad. He loves to be dipped while we dance in the kitchen or asks for piggy back rides from the couch in the living room.

He has an infectious smile, impressive vocabulary, and deadpan wit. He is addicted to sucking toothpaste right out of the tube and will hide in his room when he isn’t feeling up for interacting politely with the rest of us. He loves to paint and eat Lunchables. He prefers the indoors. Popcorn is his food of choice. He thinks desktop computers exist for Google imaging zoo animals. Sometimes he loses things then whines, “I’m always losing things!” just like his mom. But unlike his mom, he can think back to the last place he left it.

He is constantly making us happy. Happy golden birthday to my ray of sunshine. You made my world what it is and I love watching you grow wiser, funnier, and bigger with each passing day.

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