Brandon Jude, I want to save this day, remember it one day later on.
Not because today is special, but because it’s like every other. These will be the days you forget, the blank spots in your memory because they felt mundane. But I want to remember these ordinary days when I was proud of you and loved you not because of an achievement or something you did, but because of who you are: A boy who loves and trusts everyone, who makes me smile, makes me laugh and offers to find my missing keys for me. The boy who thinks flies are called freaking flies because that’s what dad says. My boy who calls “All About That Bass” his song and sings every word. My boy who sings and dances and draws. My boy who has the very best traits of me and his father: our artistic, caring, emotional ones. My boy who protects and teaches his little brother, despite the abuse he takes from him. My boy who I overheard telling Asher yesterday, “my mom is my best friend, but you’re my very best friend.” You want to make us all happy and so far you’re doing a hell of a job.

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