morning after

A few weeks ago at the pumpkin patch, we went on the big slide. We had just bought pumpkin cups and could not take them with us so Brandon said, “what will we do with these?” and I told him we would put them in the corner by the fence while we slid. “But what if someone takes them?” he asked, because although he’s half my DNA, he’s also half Steve’s.

“Sometimes you have to believe in the good in people,” I replied.
Reluctantly he left his new cup in the corner by the fence and then we slid down the slide over and over again. And when it was time to leave he said, “my new cup!” and he went to retrieve it, and there it was, exactly where we had left it.
“See?” I said. “People are good. You have to remember to trust in that.”

That’s what I thought of this morning when I woke up and Brandon was in my bed and I explained with tears in my eyes that Clinton didn’t win. Although some people are bad, many, many people are good. We have to remember to trust in that.

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