B’s photography

Last week, Brandon graduated from preschool. 
You should see this boy. 
He is incredible. 
We decided to pull apart our house for a garage sale in two days, and he has been the best helper, organizing and sorting, cleaning out, even lifting one end of a table for me. 
He is a photographer now. I wanted a picture of him in his cap after his graduation ceremony, but I had to bribe him in order to take one. 
He wanted to take it himself. A selfie on a Canon. 
He might have something here, that je ne sais quoi that photographers have. Their ability to capture with a camera what most people can only sense, not see.
He poses his animals all around the house and walks around snapping shots with my Canon. 
Not my phone. 
Heavens no.
 Look at what he does with colors. I know it’s on purpose. This kid never does anything accidentally.
 The gray elephant in front of the dirty stainless steel. I mean, it’s masterful.
 The sunlight winks in his photos. It is playful, like his toys.
 A menacing toy atop bright colors. It’s all so ironic, so cheery and cheeky, so Brandon.
 Iago by a coffee mug.
 Sunlight dancing on the leaves. Brandon owns the light.
 A couple shot, to show his range.
A sticker on a wall, because photographers always have these oddball items that you think are nothing and then you realize it’s something to them so you think about it and let it become something to you.
 A small pony among giant books. 
It’s hard to believe Brandon just left preschool a week ago. 
I can already see his name in lights.
But then again, maybe it’s mom pride. 
Mom googles. 
Of course, I don’t think so.

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