beating the badness

Holden, lately, has been so good. Translation: obedient rather than defiant.

He has never been an easy kid. He talks back constantly, throws fits, refuses to participate in kid things, whines, tries to barter every time he’s given a command.

To say it’s hard to parent him is a massive understatement.

But something in him has clicked on or off and lately he puts away his iPad when asked to, helps pick up select items, even takes baths without needing to be shoved into waiting water.

I marveled about this change in him the other day and he said, “I’m trying to be on the good list.” Today, again, he was quiet and calm in a waiting room and when I said, “you’ve been so good lately,” he replied, “I think I’m beating the badness.”

I thought about that, about badness being something we try to kick, like addiction. Maybe this kid is onto something. Maybe him and I are both recovering bad bitches. Maybe we’re over here with our leather jackets on, willfully succumbing to goodness.


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