adoption documentary

There is a new documentary on Oxygen called "I'm having their baby."If you're adopted, a birth mom, an adoptive parent, or someone who is interested in the process, watch it. It is heart-wrenching.The opening segment says there are 6 million pregnancies in the U.S. every year. 3 million are unplanned. And 14,000 births result in... Continue Reading →

stigma of adopted children

Allow me to take a break from my incessant Brandon updates and hop atop a soap box for an evening.Tonight's topic: how much I hate the negative stigma adoption is given socially or in the media.I first remember adoption having a negative connotation from the Baby-Sitters Club book, Claudia and the Great Search. In a... Continue Reading →

pieces of me

Anyone who has known me the last seven years might have worried about my emotional state after having a baby; worried that I would be plagued with post-partum depression. I myself worried that. I compiled a list of books to get if that were to happen. I mentally prepared myself for baby blues. For the... Continue Reading →

whole mother

If you were a reader of my blog last year, you probably remember how I feel about Mother's Day. It's always been a difficult day, because to me, being a mother is raising a child, not giving birth to one. It's as if I was half a mother - genetically, I was, but in practice,... Continue Reading →


Steve and I like two genres of TV: well-written, thoughtful shows and smutty reality shows. Any of that shit in between, we don't waste our time on. We always end up watching each other's shows, sooner or later. So when Parenthood came out awhile ago, it was a bit surprising I didn't even give it... Continue Reading →


Six years ago today was also a Saturday. I remember it very vividly. I remember what it felt like to give birth to another human being. I remember what it felt like to hold her and smile at her tiny fingers and toes. I remember the lump in my throat, but maybe that's because it... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

I kind of hate Mother's Day.Because people don't know how to treat me on it.People never know what to say or what not to say around me, and I get it, because if I was anyone besides myself, I'm sure I would be confused too.What people will ask is how often I see her and... Continue Reading →

separation anxiety

Just as children, step by step, must separate from their parents, we will have to separate from them. And we will probably suffer...from some degree of separation anxiety: because separation ends sweet symbiosis. Because separation reduces our power and control. Because separation makes us feel less needed, less important. ~Judith ViorstIt's been six years since... Continue Reading →

shattered glass

Being a birth mother is not easy. It is emotionally exhausting enough on its own already. Every day you think about it and try to push it away. But always, it's there. It's a part of you that never remains in the past as some other things do. Then you throw a couple people who... Continue Reading →


We all have people in our lives - some good, some bad- that shape us. ~Some crime show on CBS after Big Brother tonightMy daughter shaped me. I know that sounds bizarre since I hardly know her, but somehow the whole event of her birth and everything that led up to it and followed as... Continue Reading →

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