April sun

 It feels like summer! I already have a sunburn/Holly tan! Holden was diagnosed with a double ear infection and put on Amoxicillin. Then he broke out in these red bumps that cover his body. I thought he was allergic to Amoxicillin like his mama, but the doctor said this is the virus interacting with the... Continue Reading →

walkin’ tall

This kid took his first steps two weeks ago, and hasn't made much progress since. I blame it on the walker that he's been scooting around in for six months now. It gets him from here to there, sure, but doesn't teach him walking as much as thrusting his belly forward to propel it. He... Continue Reading →

holiday weekend

Brandon had a pretty action-packed weekend with dad having the day off on Friday, then his birthday on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. He got some pretty cool presents, his favorite being a toy leaf blower from his uncle Chad. Today I gave both boys haircuts and baths, mopped the floors, did yoga and kept... Continue Reading →

begins with a single step

When Brandon was smaller, I used to wonder how parents ever stopped marveling at each new thing they learn. Every milestone of his I wanted to write down, so I could remember it when he was older and I was more weathered, less amused. I praise him for the most mundane things, because it is... Continue Reading →

Holden’s first year

March 24 2014 marked the scariest day of my life to date. I didn't know if your dad and I would get to meet you. When I woke up, the first thing I heard was your cry and I was overjoyed. Here we are a year later, and you have grown from that tiny crying... Continue Reading →

backyard hobbies

The weather has turned warm here and we are spending as much time outdoors as possible. Brandon is still dedicated to his garden. Holden is adopting some of Brandon's OCD behavior.  Sidewalk chalk is always on the agenda.Brandon thinks he can climb trees. Luckily, it looks like I have a few more years.Just fifteen years until he... Continue Reading →

‘Round here

 Brandon is potty-trained! At home, during the day, that is. So no, not really, but I am counting it. It is a beautiful thing to only change one child's diapers. I'm wondering how soon I can start Holden. Could we finish out 2015 without diapers, for example? I think I'll try with him around 18... Continue Reading →

devilish grinner and the artist

Here are a couple pictures from January: Holden is pulling himself up on furniture, falling, and hitting his head whenever possible.  But his devilish grin is so cute and I can't help but squeeze him tightly and whisper to him that he's my sweet little baby. Sweet nothings, to be sure, because "sweet" doesn't describe... Continue Reading →

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