Bookend child

Maybe our family sizes are predetermined. Maybe everyone is supposed to stop having kids after a certain number and you can tell when that is by when your "Bookend Child" arrives.A Bookend Child is a child who is rowdy and rambunctious and hard to handle and already has the characteristics of a youngest child even before... Continue Reading →

Cousin love

Here is Holden with Grandma on Christmas. She got him this adorable jacket and you can tell he likes it. He is a G. This is my niece Mila. She and Brandon are ten weeks apart, so you'd think they'd be friends. Maybe some day they will be, but for now, they compete with each... Continue Reading →

2014 in review

This year kicked off with me being let go from my job in my third trimester of pregnancy. Although that was humbling and humiliating, it ended up being good for us as we finally decided I would stay home after Holden was born. I spent the two weeks in between being let go and starting... Continue Reading →

Two pictures

We just returned from our Christmas vacation in Washington, and I've got a yoga DVD and a hot bath calling my name, so I will just quickly post a picture of each of my boys this Christmas.Steve got me Photoshop Elements for Christmas, so be sure there will be more pictures, once I edit some... Continue Reading →

Smile for the camera

 I can't look at this picture and not laugh. He is such a silly baby.  We have had a surprising warm snap around here. I mean, fifty some degrees! I ran outside last weekend and looks like I'll be able to do it again this weekend. No complaints here!  I took a picture of Brandon... Continue Reading →

Pure joy

It was great having my sister stay with us last week. She was so great to have around with the kids. In fact, when Brandon saw this picture, he went up to our guest room to look for her. "Where's Aunt Amber, mama?" he asked.  My neighbor asked about her, too. "How'd your pictures turn out... Continue Reading →

kinda like cymbals

 Please forgive my overwhelming amount of weekly photos.  With my sister in town, I have double the resources for capturing moments. Sometimes I think about what my kids' opinions of me will be when they are older. For example, will they remember me as always having my camera, taking pictures of them? Or reading books or writing... Continue Reading →

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