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This kid encourages me to do yoga. “Let’s go to the basement, mama,” he prods. When I acquiesce, he gets to watch a movie of his choosing and tries to tip me over when I’m barely balancing on one foot. Yes, we have two TVs next to each other. It’s for Steve, so he can watch RedZone and Dolphins at the same time. But it works out for me while doing yoga, too. Everyone should have side-by-side TVs!

Yesterday was just about as perfect as the end of November can get. We got a 60 degree day so I ran to the lake and Steve played golf and at the end of the day, we got this sunset.

My boys get to watch TV every day. Perhaps too much, as I’m noticing that lately everything Brandon says sounds like a cartoon character – “hooray!” or “we did it!” – basically a lot of exclamation marks. Well, that and yesterday he said, “I’m sad,” and when I tried to cheer him up he said, “don’t make me happy.” He is dramatic on either side of the emotion spectrum.

This is the first week Holden has showed any interest at all in books. He is growing into a boy that wants to be like his older brother.

I’m thinking about reinforcing nap time for Brandon. Every time it’s afternoon and we drive anywhere  he falls asleep in the car. Which makes me think he really is tired, he just fakes it to get out of naps. This kid is outwitting me at every turn.

The sweetest sight you ever saw. Holden’s hair finally seems to be turning blond.

Our first attempt at a family selfie. Not the best thing ever. But it will do. #whyismybabysheadbiggerthanmine
I just reactivated my Twitter account, so I feel the need to insert hashtags everywhere.

I love the day when we put out the Christmas decorations. Brandon came downstairs and said, “it’s Christmas, mama!” Then he pulled his step stool up to the tree and rearranged the ornaments.

Addressing the Christmas cards tonight while watching a JTT classic. Time to get that portion of my night started!

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