keeping warm, gnawing, and playing

It has happened. Last week was our first snowfall. Maybe it will melt soon. Maybe what little we have will be here until March. It’s hard to tell. But it certainly got cold fast. One week I was running with the boys in the jogging stroller to the park, the next it was 0 degrees. 
We’ve got to keep warm around here!
If you asked me what my perfect date was, this would be it. So no, it’s not a date. But it is perfect. I am a loner; a married loner.
My little pal.
He hasn’t been sleeping as well and is always gnawing on something. It looks like that other front top tooth popped through today. Holden and I have been spending a lot of time together in the mornings, so he is forced to hang out while mommy reads or brushes her teeth. He doesn’t seem to mind much, as long as he something to chew. 
Every time I take a picture of Holden with the flash, he makes the cheesiest face. 
 At dinner the other night, Brandon said, “Hold my hand, daddy.”
 I love to watch my boys play. 

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