2014 in review

This year kicked off with me being let go from my job in my third trimester of pregnancy. Although that was humbling and humiliating, it ended up being good for us as we finally decided I would stay home after Holden was born. I spent the two weeks in between being let go and starting my temporary job finishing the toy room.

February was cold, and I was fat. I worked my temp job, Brandon spent his last full month in daycare, and in my free time, I finished Holden’s room.


 With March came Holden’s arrival. He came out with a bang and has been making a racket ever since!

In April, we had Brandon’s second birthday party. I learned how much I hate throwing birthday parties. I was thankful for my mom’s and my friend Anni’s help. C-sections are no joke!

In May, I began working out. I started slow (very slow!) In all the time I wasn’t working out, I was hanging out with the kids, taking them to the children’s museum, shopping, or anything else to get out of the house and feel like regular people.

I don’t remember much about June, but here’s a picture of Holden at three months old. I think I mostly ran outside while Steve golfed on the weekends. Obviously it wasn’t eventful.


In July we cleaned out our house, had a garage sale, then painted our house blue. 

 In August, I agreed to run Hood to Coast. I took Holden with me since he was a free lap child, and he met his Washington family.


Then football started! The Dolphins got our hopes up just to dash them once again. I made it to final two in our Fantasy Football league just to lose by four points to my brother. Football disappoints us all yet again. It’s a love-hate relationship. A lot of it is hate.

 October meant the botanical gardens, the pumpkin patch, and trick-or-treating! Holden wore a hand-me-down costume that was much too small for him and Brandon cried when my sister and I tried to spray his hair black to make his Jake costume look more authentic.

November was about as eventful as June. There was Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday shopping. Other than that, I’m not too sure what went on.

 This month we traveled to Washington for Holden’s first Christmas. My children are perfect travelers. Not so perfect on land though, as Brandon needs to learn to share and Holden loves to shriek. We loved all our adventures in 2014 and plan on many more in 2015!

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