Cousin love

Here is Holden with Grandma on Christmas. She got him this adorable jacket and you can tell he likes it. He is a G.

This is my niece Mila. She and Brandon are ten weeks apart, so you’d think they’d be friends. Maybe some day they will be, but for now, they compete with each other on everything. This girl is only two, but you can already tell how beautiful she will be as an adult. Oh the hearts she will break.

This is my other niece: Saryn. She is seven. Hanging out with her last week made me realize that it gets better. This girl can dress herself, fix herself breakfast, buckle herself into the car seat. She is the most amazing helper and I miss having her around already. She is smarter than many adults I know and I wouldn’t hesitate to let her do my grocery shopping, watch my kids, and even drive my car. This girl is future CEO material.

Brandon made a video for his cousins in which he told Saryn he missed her. When I asked him if he missed Mila too, he dodged the question. They sent him back a video where they both said they missed him. He has been watching it over and over again today and each time he watches it, I watch him because the smile that creeps onto his face when he hears that is the sweetest thing.

People who don’t know better think Holden is an angel. But this picture is him in a nutshell. He’s a mischievous, wild daredevil.

 And this picture encapsulates Brandon. He is a friendly, happy, precocious little man.

 Holden got new stacking blocks today. I wanted a picture with the pretty colors. This year, I will take more pictures with my good camera and less with my phone.

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