kinda like cymbals

 Please forgive my overwhelming amount of weekly photos.
 With my sister in town, I have double the resources for capturing moments. 
Sometimes I think about what my kids’ opinions of me will be when they are older. 
For example, will they remember me as always having my camera, taking pictures of them? Or reading books or writing or exercising? It’s hard to say what it is kids remember about their parents, but chances are, they will pin one activity as what their parent was “always doing.”
That makes me sad, this generation where phones can be used for so much. That most kids will remember their parents “always being on their phones.” I hope I’m not one of those parents.
 Brandon had fun helping with leaves this week.
We got another instrument at a consignment store. I go to consignment stores not for the clothes, but for the books and toys.
I think Holden is about ready to sit up. He does it pretty well now. But then, just when you think he’s got the hang of it, he falls over. So it’s hard to tell.
 Tucker’s water bowl became the pool for the Little People this week.
We were playing outside every afternoon, until Friday when it got cold. I found Brandon just chilling, posing with no one around. 
Holden sleeps just once a day most days now. I take any cuddles I can get.
 Brandon loved the leaf grabbers. “They’re kinda like cymbals,” he said, then proceeded to clap them together and make music. This kid is bound to be a musician or artist or poet.
Halloween candy. He forces me to eat it with him. Of course, I don’t complain.

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