‘Round here

 Brandon is potty-trained! At home, during the day, that is. So no, not really, but I am counting it. It is a beautiful thing to only change one child’s diapers. I’m wondering how soon I can start Holden. Could we finish out 2015 without diapers, for example? I think I’ll try with him around 18 months.

You’ll notice the difference in Brandon’s hair in these two pictures (the one below is from last week). It took me most of Saturday morning to give him a haircut because he refuses to let the electric clippers anywhere near his head and he has quite a bit of hair. 

These two becoming friends is the sweetest thing.

Holden is getting a teeny bit less screechy and sleeping a bit better. These must be the better days ahead that people were telling me about! Thankfully. I have been waiting!

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