email hater, styrofoam, recycle bin

Checking my email is a chore now. I hate to do it. I remember when Marie told me she hated checking her voicemail and I totally get it now. I used to be excited to see “Inbox (5)” and now I just cringe. It’s five things I have to either open and respond to or delete or risk opening and pulling out a virus. I have five pages on my inbox of emails I need to respond to or do something with. It’s ridiculous. I now take refuge in other web pages instead. Goodbye, hotmail.

I am earth unfriendly. I realized this when Steve’s uncle was asking my mother-in-law if she recycles. I smiled because my five pop cans were on the deck, in the basement, on the desk, etc. At work I love to use Styrofoam cups whether or not my beverage is hot. I love biting the foam off and spitting it into the remaining cup portion. I use a new plastic spoon every day for my cereal. This is odd, because when I was about 11, I put flyers in all of our neighbors’ paperboxes urging them to recycle, thinking I would single-handedly prevent our earth from the evils of trash. I am now much too cynical to believe anything I do will ever make a difference.

Do you find it odd that when you delete something on your computer it goes into a recycle bin? I think it should be a trash can like it used to be when computers were just starting out. Realistically, are our documents getting recycled? I certainly hope not. If so, there is some hacker out there laughing hysterically at my old documents. That hacker is probably the same person who bought Chip for $30 off eBay. I’ve always wondered what I left on that old computer.

I dragged Steve to the mall yesterday (yes, on a Saturday). Can you believe we spent ten times as much on him as we did on me? I love to spend money, and I really don’t care who it’s spent on. As long as I have a receipt and a bag, I’m a happy woman. I’m even pleasant after a trip to the hardware store these days. I would write on, but I’ve got a book to work on these days, not to mention a pending voicemail.

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