nested family

At 3am, thunder rolled, lightening flashed, wind whipped branches to and fro. And I sat in his nursery, looking out his window, rocking Brandon to sleep. I thought of how I was here, keeping him safe.

I remember a set of nesting dolls my mom had that she would pull out of the attic every year along with all the other Christmas decorations. She would take the slightly smaller one out of the biggest one, over and over unstacking them until they all stood side by side by side on our windowsill. Then on New Year’s Day, she would place the smallest one into the slightly bigger one into the slightly bigger one until the biggest one held all the other nesting dolls inside of him.

I thought of that this morning while I watched the thunderstorm, thinking of myself keeping Brandon safe and protected, but needing some protection myself. Steve protects me and is Brandon’s second layer of safety. We all stand alone, but we also all fit together in one warm and secure little nest.

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