must be held

I used to wonder why stay-at-home moms would hire nannies. After yesterday, I understand. It’s so they can take showers and make the bed and do the laundry. It’s so they can get a coffee when their heads are pounding and check their email and work out.

Every day I want to at least make the bed, take a shower, write, and do my pilates video. Four things that are fairly quick, you’d think I’d find time for all of those. However, yesterday I didn’t do a single one (yes, today I’m smelling pretty funky). Because something has gotten into Brandon where he cries if I’m not holding him. If I try to put him down in the napper, where he used to sleep during the day, he fusses until I pick him back up. It’s insane. I literally spent a whole day holding a baby yesterday. But I can’t do this forever. So I texted Steve that we need a swing or vibrating chair or something in lieu of me that Brandon can fall asleep in.

Over his lunch break, Steve ran out and got Brandon this swing chair. This swing chair allowed me to make breakfast and unload the dishwasher this morning. I’m hoping this afternoon I can make the bed and take a shower and do my pilates video. The chair did eventually get Brandon into his napper.He hasn’t slept in there for days. I’ll take what I can get. But I want the old Brandon back!

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  1. He is adorable with his eyes open :o)
    Do you remember Miranda and the vibrating chair for Brady?…and then when it broke and Samantha helped out.

    The first months are hard. I think. Really hard. You will get thru them…minus a few showers…but he will adjust.

    Perhaps a walk in the stroller would be good for you and rock Brandon to sleep?

  2. I just watched that episode the other day and it reminded me we need to buy a vibrating chair.

    I know it's time to venture out in the stroller – just strapping him in is a real pain. This is how lazy I've become!

  3. He is beautiful and also he will grow and change and will get past this….take advantage of the time you have to hold him….before you know it he will be running and playing and not have time for all the snuggling and hugging!!! You are doing great! What's a shower anyway? LOL 🙂 – Aunt Carol

  4. how about a moby wrap. i never used one, but will try to “baby wear” more with the next one. he gets to be close to you, but you still get to have free hands. jennifer swears by hers. and my friend emily wouldn't have survived without baby wearing, her sweet baby girl wanted to be held all the time.

    and yes, he will grow out of it before you know it and you will wish he would just let you snuggle him for a single minute. but then he will pucker up and give you a sweet kiss instead. you will long to hold him, but that kiss will melt your heart everytime.

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