shit happens

It’s amazing how disgusting you become as a parent. Seriously – four weeks into it and I already repulse my previous, non-parent self. Today I was driving to the dentist and I saw poop on my fingers (Brandon’s poop, I might want to clarify). As a non-parent, I would have immediately found a sink and cleaned it off. But what did this parent do? Wiped it on my pants. Like that is so much better. Now I have poop on my pants and under my fingernails.

Before I was a parent, I thought it was disgusting when parents would smell their child’s ass to see if they needed to change their diaper. Now I find myself doing it multiple times a day. I don’t want to take off all his clothes just to realize I didn’t need to change his diaper after all. I’m an ass-smelling, poop-covered mommy.

And you would think this would disgust me, but because I’m a parent now, it doesn’t. Instead of being unsanitary, it’s more like a fact of life. Shit happens. I get the saying now. Shit does happen – and when it does, you can either freak out and detour to a convenience store, or you can just wipe it on your pants and keep on driving.

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  1. All I have to say is welcome to the ass smelling poop covered club! Just wait till it's also those 2 plus vomit smelling covered club… Not baby puke either really puke. Love you guys! Emily

  2. There was the day I had all three by myself in church and one threw up all over me – luckily it was winter because I just threw away the shirt, put on my coat and headed home.
    That happened at the airport once, too, but luckily I had access to my suitcase – that shirt got thrown away, too.

  3. I checked back into your blog after a long absence and had to read all the baby posts! Congratulations on a really handsome little boy! I laughed and cried a little, too, as I read your real reflections on life after baby. I wish you both well. You will be great parents, simply because you approach life with a sense of humor! All moms, no matter what the age, appreciate what you are experiencing! JOY!

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