Washington family

The trip wasn’t all bad. The parts when we weren’t traveling were good. Like meeting his extended family:

 My brothers were already competing to become Brandon’s favorite uncle. All of us kids had a favorite uncle when we were little.

We went to my favorite restaurant – the Old Spaghetti Factory. One day I’ll take Brandon there when he is old enough to eat the spumoni ice cream. This time, he just stared at all the lights and fans on the ceiling.

His cousin Saryn loved helping him. She put his pacifier back in his mouth for him, and petted his head while exclaiming, “he likes it!” She also drew him some pictures. She will have a little baby sister of her own any day now. She will be a great helper.

My dad offered to feed him before a game of croquet. I told him it isn’t just a quick task – it takes about 20 minutes. My dad said that was fine and fed him for about four minutes and said, “he’s done,” when there was still 4 ounces left. “Now who’s up for that game of croquet?”

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