Mr. Independent

 Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July. July 4th marked 3 months from Brandon’s birthday. We weighed and measured him for his baby book. 16.2 lbs, 26 inches. It’s hard to believe he used to be half this weight. I’ve struggled with him being in daycare a little. He has a cough now, which of course we’re blaming on daycare. But the other day, I left his diaper bag in the car and when I came back into daycare to leave it for him, I saw him gripping a rattle. I didn’t know he could hold things in his hands until I saw that. Maybe they are doing something right at daycare, after all.

He smiles and coos incessantly. This morning, he was all smiles while I sang him “Edelweiss.” I guess I’m a pretty good singer. Sure, he’s no American Idol judge, but I’m sure he has good taste just the same. I mean – look at me: I love Pink. This family has great taste in music.

He sleeps less in the day and plays more now. He is starting to look like me. Well, a mix of me and his dad. But mostly me. I have taken less pictures already since I’ve been back at work. I feel like there is not enough time for my family and my job. How do people work full-time with families? I think this, and I only have one kid. Maybe it’s just a hard transition from spending 12 weeks exclusively with him to returning to my life before him. Maybe as time goes on it will get easier. Or maybe we’ll strike it rich and I can quit working. Here’s hoping.

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  1. it is so hard. i don't think it ever gets easier to leave them in somebody else's care, it just becomes normal. no one can replace you, no one else will care for him like you would. and it is hard to leave him with anything other than the best. but in time, it will become normal, and most days the pain will cease. but somedays (even 2 years later) you will still cry on the drive from daycare to work… because second best just doesn't seem good enough for boys as sweet as ours.

    you are doing great. and he is thriving.

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