I – Working Mom

Today marks a year since I’ve returned to work. A year ago today was Brandon’s first day at daycare. That day, I was a blubbering mess.

In a year, Brandon has learned to walk and talk and eat like a big boy. He laughs loudly and has a sense of humor and is easily excitable. He loves baths and bubbles and playing outside. He likes taking naps in his stroller while we run around the lake. He enjoys teasing the dog and getting into things he shouldn’t. He is my little big boy.

And you would think that all of these unfamiliar new milestones would scare us. You would think I would want him to stay my little baby forever. But I don’t. I love to watch him learn new things. I love to see him grow and learn and develop. Although he isn’t tiny enough to cradle in my arms anymore, he finds a new nook to settle into when I rock him to sleep the same way I did a year ago.

We’re in this together. We’re learning together. The other night, Steve and I watched mini videos of Brandon on his iPhone. “He’s teething!” I exclaimed. “Why didn’t we give him a teething ring?”
“We didn’t know what we were doing,” Steve replied.
And he’s right. We didn’t. But we’re figuring it out – all of us, together. Doing this whole family thing – it’s uncharted waters for all of us. I’ll take an adventure over déjà vu any day.

My first year as a working mom; that chapter has ended. Time to start the next one! It’s time for more surprises and lessons in parenthood. And good ones, I hope. Not all poop-in-the-bathtub type of surprises.

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