Best dressed

I’ll admit it. I take great pride in my son’s appearance. My kid is not going to be the slob wearing pajamas to daycare or with snot and slobber all over his shirt. My kid is much too cute for any of that. I don’t want him to get a complex already and end up living at home in my basement in 30 years. So he wears decent clothes and we gel his hair when his cowlicks are too long to lay flat without it. He is a damn fine little man.

I pick out stylish clothes for him and make sure he’s not wearing conflicting colors or prints. I buy non-babyish baby clothes and stay away from pastels and the animal shit. He doesn’t re-wear stained or ripped clothes. He is my dapper little boy. And today, someone commented. 20 months of life and someone finally noticed how smashing my son is! Not that I do it for the praise.

A mom at his daycare asked me where I get Brandon’s clothes and said he always has the best outfits. I agreed. He does. She told me she wanted to discreetly ask if we were done having kids so she could buy some of his old clothes off of me. They’re not for sale. They’re for Holden. He will be just as stylish and dapper as Brandon. Not that I care whether anyone notices. Not that that comment today made my day or anything.

Quick! Someone steal my credit card before I log on to H&M or Gap and go nuts.

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