Mom Goggles

First of all, I have to plug a completely underrated show. The Goldbergs. The cast is a bunch of nobodies (unless you know the daughter from X Factor and the dad from Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I don’t expect any of you to watch as much TV as I do), so I don’t think the show is too popular. But it’s fantastic. The characters are all vastly different and entertaining in their own right. And who doesn’t love a show set in the 80s?

On last night’s episode, they introduced us to Mom Goggles. Which is basically like beer goggles, yet for your kids. You know, when us moms think that everything our kids do is adorable or smart or funny, even if it isn’t? Yeah, that’s me. I think my kid is the smartest 1-year-old in the world. Maybe he is. And maybe the reason he doesn’t complete the puzzle in this picture is because he leaves to poop. That didn’t make the video. Because even with my Mom Goggles on, I know some people just don’t get my kid’s awesomeness yet. But one day, they will.

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