Bib line

Necessity… the mother of invention.
 ~ Plato

This is my first parenting shortcut. Parenting chores are endless: laundry, taking out the diaper trash, picking up toys, and worst of all: the hand-washing bottles and toddler dishes. I swear I do this all the time. If both boys are asleep, you’re sure to find me at the sink, catching up on the mountainous stack that has appeared in the past couple hours. 

Sure, I’ve gotten a little lazy about it: just washing the one bottle I need rather than the whole sinkful many times, just to need to keep doing that before every bottle. Last week I realized by slacking on the hand-washing, I had run out of bibs so I tied a still slightly damp one around Brandon’s neck and he lost his cool. That was not acceptable. These bibs take forever to dry atop dishes in the drying rack. So I made a bib line. Now my bibs dry very quickly.

Yes, I understand that this looks tacky, but it is oh so practical! The water drips right into the sink so I don’t have to wipe anything up. I’ve given up having a pristine home for the time being anyway – I have a toddler and an infant – shit accumulates. I’m a realist – I know expecting perfection is just insane at this point.

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