It must be Monday

Today I loaded up the kids as soon as Holden finished his bottle and stopped crying for a split second (this poor kid is teething and shrieks incessantly when he’s awake). We drove across town to the Children’s Museum because I had promised Brandon I’d take him tomorrow, but then I saw the calendar and realized the cable guy is coming tomorrow (sometime between 8a and 5p of course – they couldn’t get any more specific for me – apparently no one can have plans on the same day as their cable appointment). I am a firm believer in not breaking promises (to anyone, but especially kids). So after stopping for gas and finally making it downtown, I noticed the children’s museum parking lot was empty. Yes, it is closed on Mondays.

I stopped at a consignment store and got Brandon a few books as a consolation, and then a milkshake (but maybe that one was consolation for me). Damn. Why didn’t I just use the internet to double check? All in all I drove 45 miles for some books and a milkshake. I took a scenic route home hoping to find a park, but instead realized the pavement stopped and the gravel began. Holden did not like that. He screamed and screamed some more. At least Brandon got to see some horses and cows in real life. For the first time, maybe. We’re not exactly hicks, even though we do live in Nebraska.


Holden and I are flying back to Washington in a few weeks for a long weekend. I asked Brandon if he wanted to come with me, but he said he wanted to stay with daddy. Thankfully, because he’s not free anymore and tickets aren’t exactly cheap on short notice. Today, I saw a Washington license plate and had to comment on it. Brandon said, “No Washington, stay with daddy!” Now how do I get Holden to stop his ear-piercing screaming before our plane rides?

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