bugs, shades, and a shitty selfie

 We received our first insect pet today. “She” is a caterpillar Brandon has named “Butterfly.”
 Made Steve snap an iPhone pic of the sunset on the way home from dinner last night. How cliché.
I tried to convince Brandon that Butterfly would prefer to sleep outside tonight, but he told me she was scared.
 Holden had his six month appointment on Wednesday. He is a buffet kind of boy. Maybe linebacking is in his future.
 When he smiles for me, I melt.
 Brandon can now complete his 100-piece puzzle with help. Which I find extremely impressive, because I’m a bit of a Puzzle Queen and I find this one a little difficult.
 Anyone who ever says I’m not creative hasn’t seen my work with playdoh. I mean, the details are astounding! Chiquita label, anyone?
 Holden is starting to sit up on his own. I am grinning from ear to ear about how much easier my life is about to get. It’s ironic how with a second baby you’re always in a rush to get to the next stage.

 Brandon is an accessories master. A little girl at Target told him, “sweet shades.” Of course, her dad told her to say this, as she was two years old. But a hip looking mom told me the same thing. Compliments about being cool seem to mean more from people who we deem cool themselves.

It’s hard to get one when we’re both looking in the right direction. I seriously can not understand how to look at the camera correctly. I’m not a selfie kind of girl.

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