half birthday, lumberjack hoodie, rock-a-bye baby

Today Brandon turned 2 1/2. I might be the only person who thinks about this, but every time it’s halfway around the calendar from someone in my family’s birthday, I notice. I guess that’s from being a kid and wanting to call myself “8 in a half!” (yes, I know it’s “and a half” but try telling a kid that). When Steve and I were dating, he even gave me a present when I turned 19 1/2. I should have married him right then and there. That’s consideration – remembering something that is totally pointless because someone you love cares about it.

 It’s jacket season again. Although I have bought Brandon plenty of cool jackets in size 2T, every time I try to put one on, he refuses to wriggle his arms in and asks for his lumberman hoodie. The thing is, he has been wearing this jacket for nearly two years now. It’s size 12 months. The sleeves are 3/4 length now, and his actual shirt hangs out way below the bottom of the hoodie. But he won’t part with it. Truth is, it would fit Holden better than him. So I looked online to see if someone was selling one in 2T. I don’t know why they’d bother – it’s that Target brand, Circo, so the price of shipping it somewhere would be more than the price of it. But alas, no luck. And nothing that looks identical. If you ever stumble across one at a garage or consignment sale, buy it, give it to me, and I will find a way to return the favor tenfold.

I had to put pictures of my boys with the baby we watched this week. They were both very excited to have him stay with us. Brandon woke up today and asked where he was.

Brandon was such a good helper with the baby and Holden this week. So on Wednesday, we rushed to the Melissa & Doug store before it closed. Brandon picked out the pots and pans set (his favorite thing to do is help me with dishes) but I told him to pick something more affordable. So he selected these cans. The labels even have “Nutrition Facts” with ingredients, serving suggestions, and then calories (“just enough”), calories from fun (unlimited), and play value (110%). One of my main pet peeves is when people say anything is over 100%. Everyone likes to “give 110%” or Randy Jackson on American Idol would always say, “1000% yes!” Let’s not teach a whole new generation this illogical math, Melissa and Doug!


Brandon’s new thing is to climb into Holden’s jumper or rocking chair and pretend to be a baby. He sings to himself in the rocking chair, “Rock-a-bye baby.” It’s adorable, even though one day soon he will break them both and we won’t be smiling anymore. 

I’m working on my selfies since my fail last week. I’m going to post pictures on here once a week or so (not trying to over or under promise). So if you follow me on Instagram, I apologize, you will see some repeats. But my blog will be more comprehensive because I restrict myself to posting on Instagram once a day (which is a practice in self-control when you have kids as cute as mine).

This hasn’t been Holden’s best week for pictures because he is covered in mosquito bites – we were going on family walks and stopping at the park most nights which was great for Brandon. Problem is that the park has a bug infestation and Holden and I are both the prime targets. I once heard that bees were attracted to the smell of sweat, so maybe that’s true for mosquitoes, too. But I’m not about to start being self-conscious on his behalf (OK, yeah, I tried to blemish correct it out, but then the picture got all grainy).

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