zoo, popcorn, hammock


We went to the zoo on Monday, the four of us. Brandon has been singing, “mama’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow,” this week and it is adorable.


Holden didn’t used to be this way, but nowadays, he is happy to look around while sitting contentedly in his car seat. He is the perfect traveler.

The two of us have nearly ate through a giant bag of Smartfood popcorn in the last three days. Mostly his fault, of course.


This is the view from my hammock, which I try to lay in while Brandon is playing around in the backyard. Until, of course, he notices my laziness and forces me into some activity. He would make a great drill sergeant. 

If you let him, this kid will get around. I have a feeling he will be the climbing-out-of-his-crib kind of kid.

 And sometimes, he’s the kiss-your-mama kind of kid, just like Brandon is.

These pensive looks never cease to make me smile. I’d like to know what’s going on inside that head of his. Whatever it is, I assure you it is much more than adults give toddlers credit for. 

We all love food around here. And we don’t exactly wait for proper mealtimes to start noshing again.

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