perfection, pizza, hair

Of course, Steve and I are biased. But we think Holden could be the next Gerber baby.
I eat a salad most days for lunch, but Wednesday, we sprang for Pizza Hut. When daddy is away, we get stuffed crust! For anyone who isn’t aware of the magic of Pizza Hut, with a coupon code from Retail Me Not, you can get a medium three-topping pizza for $6. There is no cheaper way for the two of us to eat.
 Where’s Brandon?
 The curls on the sides of his head – he is the perfect boy to wear a hat.
 Speaking of hair, I gave this one his second haircut already.

We have had two consecutive Sundays with Dolphins wins. Feels good! 

It looks like the little one will soon outgrow the big one.
Sometimes I dress him in something other than pajamas. Sometimes. 

We are enjoying the last few days of warm weather. This week, the weather will realize it’s nearly November. 

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