halloween, lighthouse, hay rolls

Holden’s second Halloween, the first one he’s been excited about. He can say, “ween” and a variation of “trick or treat.” He also asks to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” by pointing at the TV and saying, “good grief!”

 Brandon does not like taking pictures. For some reason my attempts to convince him it would be fun did not work.

 The boys were Marshall and Chase from “PAW Patrol,” but when a neighbor asked Holden who he was, he pointed at his costume and said, “Tucker!”

 There were no good pictures of all four of us. It wasn’t our night.

 Then today I took the boys on an adventure. Last Monday we went to Ashland and took a scenic US Highway home instead of I-80. I passed a lighthouse and a “beach” (RV park with sand) and decided to return one day.

 Today was that day. It is locked up to cars, but you can enter by foot, so we did.

 My kids had never seen a lighthouse before (of course not, we are in Nebraska, after all).

 Brandon said, “this is my favorite beach!” which I genuinely laughed at. He is one of few three-year-olds who has been to beautiful Hawaii, yet he thought this RV park was even better.

 I love travel pictures – I am always taking pictures from behind the kids, showing them going somewhere. They will grow up and wonder what they looked like at certain ages and I will say, “I don’t know, kid, but I have four thousand pictures of the back of you running places.”

 If you haven’t visited Omaha, you don’t know about one of hte most beautiful buildings that resides here.

 You can see it from I-80 and if I were to get married again, I would get married in the same place I did. But if that was booked, it would be here.

 The tall grass is something I love.

 And the back of them. Again.

Another weird thing that I love? Hay bales. Or rolls. So here we are: Quintessential Nebraska .

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