yeast high

I’m here with some bright news – day 4 is the best cleanse day so far. Of course, first came a very rough day three. Last night the headache was brutal, I had no energy. For the first time, I didn’t run. I couldn’t even fathom having that kind of gumption. I couldn’t even lie around on the couch watching TV shows. I just went to bed again, like Monday.

Then today was my first cleanse day at work. Obviously, I don’t work a traditional 40-hour week job like most people. And that is both good and bad. But for the cleanse, it’s bad. Because I am at home, surrounded by tempting foods I can’t eat, and I have the option to load up the kids and drive to get whatever I want whenever I want that I am constantly battling. But at work, there are restrictions. I must stay there. So I packed up way more food than could possibly be necessary for a 4 1/2 hour shift – celery, cucumbers, the smoothie I juiced, Cheerios, a Cutie, and those snap pea crisps. And I ate it all.

I told you, I am always eating. If I’m not eating, I’m thinking about eating. Luckily, I work with a vegan who told me I am doing everything the hard way and gave me all kinds of ideas. In fact, right now I am crafting in my head a delicious vegan pasta salad to eat for lunches next week. I told you: if ever I’m not eating, I’m thinking about eating. Oh yeah – pasta. Steve found a gluten-free type that doesn’t taste like cardboard that actually feels like a bit of an indulgence. And apparently white rice is OK. So there will definitely be a Chipotle run in our weekend.

But yeah, last night was rough. Steve made some garlic bread for the boys and I wanted so badly to shove the whole loaf in my mouth. Who would think it would be bread I would crave the most? I want a philly cheesesteak or a Gandolfo’s sub. I drove by the Rotella’s factory today and I seriously considered living in their parking lot for the next 17 1/2 days – smelling that dough rising is about as good as it gets for me right now. I think I’m still high on it, actually.

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