less is more

The cleanse has ended! OK, it was supposed to go through today, but Steve and I had a babysitter for last night and every parent knows you never, and I mean NEVER say "no" to a free babysitter. Never.Last week Steve and I discussed where we would eat, then he made reservations and we salivated... Continue Reading →

what the hell did we eat?

The cleanse is winding down and I am relishing in the fact that I will be back to normal soon, eating as I wish, but hopefully also what my body needs. But make no qualms, I will definitely eat as I wish, most of the time sometimes. Eating with restrictions is tough. It's possible, but... Continue Reading →

ho hum

This cleanse is getting a bit drab. The novelty has worn off and it's feeling almost like an old habit. Which really is the whole point - to change my eating habits. But it's not fresh and exciting anymore. It's like the third year of marriage before babies - "yeah, we've done this. What's next?"And... Continue Reading →

Observations after one week

1. Weight loss. I am down 6.5 pounds in a week. The change is noticeable in my stomach and my face. I usually have a rather large belly bloat, and that has diminished quite a bit.2. Clearer skinI am a 32-year-old who still gets zits. I've always noticed that it is directly a result of... Continue Reading →

weekend blues

We love the weekends around here. Our three year old triumphantly exclaims, "it's the weekend!" every Friday night when dad gets home from work. We eat the food we are craving, we drink a couple drinks, we make big breakfasts when we're both home. But on the cleanse, oh, on the cleanse. I thought I was... Continue Reading →

just five days

Although the cleanse is 21 days, I have been thinking about it in shorter goals. My sister taught me her method of dealing with running hills: thirds. She picks a landmark a third of the way up, two thirds, then at the top, and just concentrates on making it to one landmark at a time.... Continue Reading →

yeast high

I'm here with some bright news - day 4 is the best cleanse day so far. Of course, first came a very rough day three. Last night the headache was brutal, I had no energy. For the first time, I didn't run. I couldn't even fathom having that kind of gumption. I couldn't even lie... Continue Reading →

call me a triceratops

Here are the loopholes I've found of this cleanse: potatoes, corn, salt and oil. Yes, I think they're all allowed. If they're not, don't rain on my parade. It's all I have! So I munched on some popcorn while watching, "The Bachelor" last night. Usually, my popcorn is coated in a couple tablespoons of butter,... Continue Reading →


Well, I wasn't kidding. I did pretty much sleep through the rest of cleanse day one. Steve came home and saw that I was completely useless with my raging headache. So he took over dinner and I laid down. I awoke only to put the kids to bed, then crawled back in bed myself. I... Continue Reading →


Cleanse day one: It started off OK enough. I had oatmeal with berries for breakfast and then made a smoothie to power up before my run. I ran, then showered. And I was all gung-ho ready to go, full of positive energy. After lunch, I started cleaning. And then, this afternoon, it hit me. One minute,... Continue Reading →

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