Yesterday, Holden told me I’m his sunshine.

Every day, he tells me he loves me, that I’m pretty, and that he likes my yellow hair.

He holds my hand and gives me kisses.


We listen to music together, one earbud apiece.

He asks me to sing aloud to the songs he knows I like. He asks me to dance. He reminds me to do these things, to be happy, to live in the moment. 

Yesterday, he met a girl and he tried to hold her hand and help her up the climbing apparatus. She wasn’t ready for his affections, but he is going to make some girl very happy one day. He will beat up the creepy guys for her and then he will turn around and hug her. He is hard but soft. He will make her playlists and tell her nice things which he actually means. When inevitably some girl compliments me on how my son turned out because it’s awkward and she doesn’t know what to say, I’ll say, “bitch, I taught him that!”

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