Island kids

You can expect this week will be all about Hawaii. I have hundreds of pictures, and plenty of adventures to recount. It was honestly the best week of my life. I haven't been on a real vacation except for my honeymoon, and I spent the week of my honeymoon lying in bed with a pretty... Continue Reading →

Wowee! Maui!

We just got back from Hawaii (that's right, HAWAII! I would insert palm tree and hibiscus emojis if I was writing this from my iPhone). I really should be sleeping, but I had to at least peek at some of these photos. I'll share a handful tonight and more throughout the week as I get... Continue Reading →

Cousin love

Here is Holden with Grandma on Christmas. She got him this adorable jacket and you can tell he likes it. He is a G. This is my niece Mila. She and Brandon are ten weeks apart, so you'd think they'd be friends. Maybe some day they will be, but for now, they compete with each... Continue Reading →


Growing up, my mom could do anything. She could remove a sliver with tweezers and a straight pin, get my drawstring back through my hoodie using a safety pin. She could mend pants without making it obvious. Hell, she could even sew our clothes (and accessories). She could cook a Thanksgiving dinner, repair Christmas lights,... Continue Reading →

Holden meets the family

Holden has now met all of his closest relatives.  There are certainly a lot of girls in our families.  I don't think it will ever even out at this point.  Saryn, who is almost seven, said she would teach Holden to crawl while I was at the race.  When I got back, she said he hadn't caught... Continue Reading →

Family home for sale

My Grandpa's house went on the market this week.This is the most sacred place in the world to me. I wrote about it here once upon a time. It's been seven years since my Grandpa passed, but his home has stayed in the family - being rented out.But my mother and her siblings agreed the... Continue Reading →

Dinner at the buffet

We have a one-week trial of a recruiting database at my work. "I'll get more than a week's use out of it," I say, "you should see me at a buffet." But seriously - you should. I was raised by a very frugal father. He would take us to Old Country Buffet on occasion.  Whenever... Continue Reading →

Some things never change

When Steve was a child, he watched Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol every year. This year, Brandon is watching it with him. This kid won't stay put for anything other than Mickey Mouse, but somehow, he is contentedly watching Mister Magoo with his daddy.

Christmas memories

Every year on Christmas Eve, mom would make goodies while Evie's Christmas Memories played on the graphanola. She went all out: she made no bake fudgies and fudge and stained glass windows and homemade candies. Us kids would help her in the kitchen and then dust and vacuum and scrub the toilets for the company... Continue Reading →

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