junior accountant

Brandon went to dad’s work today. He dressed in his accountant finest. Of course we’d love for him to be a pro football player, but I’m a realist. He’s the son of an Accounting Manager and an Unemployment Specialist. I am fully expecting him to end up a corporate lackey with the rest of us.

He’s smiling now. It’s hard to catch on film, but here’s the tail end of one. Just six more weeks at home with this little one. Hard to believe my leave is halfway over. Brandon has grown so much in these six weeks. They seem rather uneventful, but between these diaper changings and feedings he has grown and developed into this beautiful, balding, gassy, smiling baby that I love to cuddle with.

My boss told me that every stage your child is currently in is the best stage. That must be true because although I claimed to want to give birth to a three-year-old originally, I fell in love with this tiny baby. And I will love him when he’s three and think he’s the greatest then, too. And every stage before, between, and after.

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