flip flops, dimple, new cousin

Summer is here! Well, it’s been here for quite awhile now, really since before Brandon was born. He has a lot of summer clothes, but I really don’t understand why they even make shorts and flip flops for babies because they’re always cold and bundled up. Probably just because they’re cute. I put Brandon in some seersucker shorts the other day because they were staring at me from his closet, begging to be worn.

 Brandon’s features are lightening. Well, really I can’t tell if he’s turning blonde or if he’s just losing so much dark hair that it seems that way. Either way, he’s still cute. It can’t be helped. Even when he’s scowling at me, I can’t help but smile at his serious little baby face. His tan is gone. He’s looking more and more like his pasty momma every day. We even caught glimpse of an elusive dimple the other day, just like I have (very elusive. Sometimes I don’t see it for a year).

This week Brandon got a new cousin. She will be his closest cousin in age, and hopefully they will be great friends. Mila is just 11 weeks younger than him. I know you can’t really see her in this picture, but at least you can see his other cute cousin on mommy’s side. I am blogging about anything other than Brandon’s first day of daycare which is tomorrow. I’m trying to stop thinking about it since it brings tears to my eyes, but I can’t. I will blog about it tomorrow and let you know if it is as terrible as I imagine it will be – being away from him.

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  1. Oh my those little feet in the thongs are just so cute…….. I think it is great when cousins are close in age in my family my sisters daughters are close to the same age as my girls and when they were little they would hang out all the time now they are adults not so much but they are still bloody close…..

    My daughter and my sister had children only 2 weeks apart and now the same sister is having her second child and is due at the same time as my niece it is really so wonderful…….

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