daycare day

Brandon and I right before heading to daycare. 

I wasn’t as much of a mess as I thought. I mean, of course I teared up. The daycare ladies were prepared with a “first day survival kit,” containing, most importantly, kleenex.

My tears had dried by the time I made it to work. I brought in a picture of Brandon to place on my desk so I could look at his chubby face even though he wasn’t with me.

It’s a bit different returning to work for me, because although I’m returning to the same company, I’m in a different role in a different location. So I didn’t even know half of the people at work today. They probably thought I was a freak. If I could have worn my sunglasses indoors, I would have, but I think that would have made a worse impression than a blotchy red face (which I already had anyway due to a sunburn, so maybe it wasn’t that noticeable).

I called during my lunch break to check on Brandon. And you know what? He slept and ate and played on the floor and sat in a vibrating chair just like he would have done if I were watching him. Daycare isn’t the end of the world as I know it.

The moment I picked him up, I almost didn’t recognize him, save for his outfit. He looked so different from me, being away so long. It’s as if I forgot what his face looked like, not looking at it every hour. But the second I saw him, the two of us smiled at each other. Reunited again. And will be again, and again, and again, every day when I pick him up. I think that daycare will make me cherish my time with him even more. There’s something to look forward to: rushing out of work to see my darling boy again. He makes life worth living and work worth working.

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  1. Fantastic!! So glad you are both doing so well.
    I read 'bringing up bebe' this spring. it's a wonderful book. the french women don't fret about leaving baby…they do not suffer the strong guilt americans do. Everyone takes advantage of the creche. Even mom's who stay at home. It was really interesting to me.
    You might like the book.

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