Summer pics

Around here lately (well, since last iPhone photo purge):
Brandon got these badass new shades. I would wear them if we could slap my prescription into them. 
I lay Holden down on his piano gym and he rolls over to show off. 
Let’s hope this kid grows up to know how to fix things around the house and get the most out of our local hardware store. I just use it for paint as of now. 
The hardware store is dangerously close to the cookie store. 
All smiles on his day with daddy (I had to clarify that those aren’t my hairy legs). 
He poses like he’s a model. Do baby models come in plus size? He owns his rolls like a boss. 
Brandon loved this little park. The newer ones come with these little picnic booths which are absolutely fantastic.
Wildest Mohawk in the Midwest.
 He sometimes gets to sleep in bed with mama. He loves it.
 Have I ever mentioned how cool Brandon is? He just is.
We’re loving the summer with its park trips and garage sales and stroller rides. 
Still no return-to-work date in sight and still lovin’ it!

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