characters welcome

I have put it off as long as I could. But I am now allowing these damn character shirts. Some of the kids in Brandon’s daycare were wearing these as much as a year ago. But I stood my ground, other than one Mickey shirt that slipped in as a present. It’s a sad day when your child chooses to start dressing himself. I doubt he’ll be reaching for his adorable sweaters and polos. I imagine it will be an endless parade of Jake, Buzz, and Woody from here on out. Maybe I’ll just let him pick his outfit one day a week.


By the way, these character shirts are a racket. Old Navy is famous for cheap kids clothes – I buy Brandon baseball shirts there for $2 or $3 a piece. But if there is a character on it, the price goes up to $13 to $15. For a damn T-shirt. A toddler T-shirt. So when I found Toy Story ones on clearance, I bought one in each size for the next two years, since Brandon is rather obsessed with it. He completed his first 48-piece puzzle by himself on Saturday. It was, of course, of Woody and Buzz.

We have been working on Holden sitting up on his own. Things get much easier when they can do that. For one thing, baths are so much easier. You can put them in a shopping cart and move them into an upright car seat. I can use the double stroller. Basically, my whole life improves. So yesterday, when he sat in Brandon’s reading chair for a few minutes, I was nearly glowing with pride.


In case you’re wondering, the amber necklace is working like a charm. And since Holden is so chunky, you can barely even see it on him – it gets lost in his neck rolls.  Maybe his disposition isn’t all that grouchy. This necklace has made him a much more enjoyable baby.

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