no naps and new teeth

Something I’ve learned in these past two and a half years about parenting: it’s not for the faint of heart. Your children will try your patience and willpower and sanity unlike any other person can. I just keep telling myself I won’t give in. 
But it does make me wonder how many people who are now institutionalized are parents. 80%? 100%? But of course, obligatory gratitude message: (since no one can actually say how hard it is to be a parent without also saying this) it is so incredibly rewarding in a way nothing else is, as well.
We went to Target last Wednesday and we got soaked running from the car into the store. Once in the store, I asked Brandon what we needed. He immediately answered, “an umbrella.” This kid is smart and witty beyond his years. I can’t believe just two years ago he was drinking bottles and taking naps. 
Speaking of, I’m afraid naps are gone for good. Which is a huge bummer, since that’s when I did my yoga and pilates. But on the plus side, Brandon did fall asleep at 7:30 tonight while Steve and I were running with the jogging strollers. I guess I will find some time alone here or there, if I try hard enough. Sometimes I just want a day to myself. Maybe in 17 more years. Or 10, if I can convince Steve that summer camp is a staple in all childhoods. 
I have to do a before and after of Holden eating baby food. I mean, c’mon. How could I resist? 
Holden has two little teeth popping through his bottom gums, so I understand why he was crabby all day. At 5:15, I finally got a smile out of him. Remember what I said at the beginning about kids trying your patience, willpower, and sanity? Yeah, I was just talking about him today.

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