Brandon Jude, I want to save this day, remember it one day later on.Not because today is special, but because it's like every other. These will be the days you forget, the blank spots in your memory because they felt mundane. But I want to remember these ordinary days when I was proud of you... Continue Reading →

budding independence

Today, Brandon started preschool. I didn't cry so much as when he was a baby and we dropped him off at daycare, but I did tear up. I mean, I'm still me.Last month my female family stayed with us: first my mom, then my sister. Seeing my child through someone else's eyes made me realize... Continue Reading →

head in the clouds, dreaming

Brandon wants to be a pilot. So far, he has wanted to be a daddy and a scuba diver. There could've been more. I'm not the best at recording his ever-changing ambitions. I saw an idea once to write what they aspire to be on their growth charts, next to their height. I should do... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, we went and visited a preschool for Brandon. "The Berenstain Bears' 'Go To School'" kept running through my mind. Brandon took it all in: the lego table, the playdoh, the blocks, the artwork. He found a book and sat down in their reading chair as if he belonged there.I've been asking him if he... Continue Reading →

4th birthday

Today, Brandon is four. He is such a lovable, charismatic boy. He exudes joy and makes everyone around him happy. He feels strongly, every emotion being vibrant, none of them in muted tones. He is complimentary and says, "I love you" or "you're my best mommy in the whole world," without coaxing. He loves to... Continue Reading →

golden birthday

I thought about forgoing the boys' birthday party. After all, it was just Christmas and do I really have to go through this every year? Also, their cousins didn't live here anymore so we wouldn't have that many guests any way. But then their cousins moved back. And I realized it is Brandon's golden birthday.... Continue Reading →

2015 in review

 We played a lot. Steve and I picked up toys endlessly. Holden got handsomer.  And then it snowed the most beautiful snow. We got coffee and donuts, a lot. And then mom read about the dangers of sugar so we stopped for awhile. But then we were back.  We read books. Oh, so many books.... Continue Reading →

First snow

There's a certain magic that comes with the very first snow. For when the first snow is also a Christmas snow, well, something wonderful is bound to happen.~Frosty the Snowman movie Last weekend Steve and I went on a rare date, and for some reason, he thought we should buy the boys snow coats. Today, we... Continue Reading →

halloween, lighthouse, hay rolls

Holden's second Halloween, the first one he's been excited about. He can say, "ween" and a variation of "trick or treat." He also asks to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" by pointing at the TV and saying, "good grief!" Brandon does not like taking pictures. For some reason my attempts to convince him it... Continue Reading →

Day out with Thomas

Yesterday we went on a day trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, we road tripped three hours each way with a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old to see a damn train because we're totally nuts.Holden was happy to get out and run around at our halfway point. He is not the type that likes... Continue Reading →

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